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Emma Kerson

dance artist

Emma Kerson began her dance training in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kerson graduated in Emma Kerson began her dance training in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She graduated from Dalhousie University in 2008, and from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2011.  Recently, Kerson co-produced and performed in Fantasies and Other Poisons, by Sharon B. Moore.  She has also performed in works by Patricia Beatty, Jennifer Dallas, Mary Jo Mullins, and Juanita Suárez, and she continues to work with Kemi Contemporary Dance Projects.  Kerson is a founding member of Warm Laundry; her work has been presented by NewFoundDance, the Parahumans, and will be featured in Dance Matters in Toronto in 2013.  A committed teacher, Kerson works with adults and children alike in both recreational programs at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  She is also a dance writer, both independently and as part of a team for The Dance Current magazine.